Toros Agri R&D Center Wins "Best Researcher" Award

Toros Agri R&D Center's R&D Specialist Ali Yetgin was honored with the "Best Researcher" award in the International Popular Scientist Awards for his article published in Elsevier's "Acta Ecologica Sinica" journal, one of the most prestigious publishing houses in the world, not only benefiting Toros Agri but also filling our country with pride. 

Toros Agri maintains its leadership in the sector not only by excelling in fertilizer production capacity, annual production amount, and market share but also by conducting pioneering R&D studies. As Turkey's foremost organization in the fertilizer sector, Toros Agri operates an influential R&D Center, conducting significant scientific research. Moreover, the company's research contributions in academic publications serve as industry guidelines. The achievements of the Toros Agri R&D Center team, driving the industry forward through their work and publications, have been recognized with awards. Ali Yetgin, one of the Toros Agri R&D Center specialists, is the latest testament to this success. He received the "Best Researcher" award at the International Popular Scientist Awards for his article published in Elsevier's esteemed "Acta Ecologica Sinica" magazine, a globally renowned publishing house.

Ali Yetgin, whose research focuses on the importance of roots in plant survival and their adaptability to changing environments, in addition to the interaction between root morphology and plasticity, provided a comprehensive analysis of these attributes and their potential impact on how plants respond to stressors in his article. His study on how root morphology influences plant water and nutrient uptake, growth, and survival earned him the "Best Researcher" award as part of the International Popular Scientist Awards, which recognize individuals or teams making valuable contributions to specific disciplines. The practical applicability of the research findings in enhancing plant performance and flexibility in changing environments played a pivotal role in securing the award and brought substantial value to the industry.

“This award will inspire us for new achievements and awards”

Nermin Aka, Vice President of Research, Planning, and Coordination at Toros Agri R&D Center, expressed that Ali Yetgin, a specialist from the Toros Agri R&D Center, has provided valuable guidance to the fertilizer industry by emphasizing the importance of understanding root plasticity and morphology in response to changing environmental conditions for plant productivity. She added, "We are honored that our R&D team, striving to advance the industry through its development efforts, has been recognized for its accomplishments. Finally, Ali Yetgin's recent award, acknowledging his research on how root morphology affects plant water and nutrient uptake, growth, and survival, fills us with immense pride. We extend our gratitude for the positive impact he has had and his unwavering dedication to his work. We view this award, granted based on criteria like research uniqueness and significance, methodological rigor, publication quality, and impact, as a significant testament to the researcher's expertise and contributions to the field. I am confident that the International Popular Scientist Award, earned by our esteemed colleague Ali Yetgin, will serve as inspiration for new projects, articles, achievements, and awards.”

You can access the award-winning study by Yetgin in the International Popular Scientist Awards through this link.