A healthy and safe working environment is everyone’s right.

Toros Agri, always seeking to be the best in its field, also aims to provide the safest environment for its employees by adopting the highest standards in occupational health and safety. The company takes into consideration health, safety and environmental (HSE) effects and quality standards throughout its entire operations from production to use, for its employees, clients and the society.

Ocupational health and safety are monitored at the highest level by Toros Agri management. The company accepts working with zero accident as a principle, and it adopts that all injuries, occupational illnesses, safety and environmental breaches are avoidable. At the production plants, pursuant to occupational safety management, all kinds of training, risk analysis and emergency plans determined by the laws are regularly performed. In accidents and near-miss cases, it makes the necessary inspections and delivers the required measures and regulations to avoid reiteration of the same situation.

In addition to adopt IFA’s (International Fertilizer Association) HSE principles, Toros Agri applies the standards in “Job Safety Handbook” in all its facilities and workplaces. The company’s quality, safety and environmental management certificates assures that Toros Agri runs all its operations in line with international standards and it handles all the risks that may arise in such areas in a responsible way.