Toros Agri accepts human resources as its most precious asset, as the fundamental element of sustainable growth and builds its human resources strategy on this understanding. Believing that its employees constitute its most valuable asset, Toros Agri has been implementing advanced human resources practices on its journey of investment in people. The company applies an effective human resources program both to enhance the employees’ internal satisfaction and to make the utmost use of human capital. 

The basis of our human resources policy is to maximize the potential of our employees and ensure that they progress on their career path. Toros Agri offers various training and development opportunities to its employees for this purpose. In-company training programs provide support to employees in learning new skills and improving existing competencies.

Being aware that major achievements can only be achieved by team work, Toros Agri takes steps to ensure the active participation of its employees in company management and creates mechanisms that will activate their creative power. By investing in vocational training and development programs, Toros Agri also shows the importance it attaches to education, which forms the basis of progress and development.

While the company shapes its activities in line with the principle of environmental awareness in order to leave a more livable world to future generations, it also takes measures to develop environmental awareness among its employees and embodies the value it attaches to people with occupational safety practices.

Toros Agri strives to ensure that its employees feel safe and happy at work. The company constantly reviews and improves its standards on occupational health and safety. Additionally, it strengthens unity and solidarity among its employees by organizing various social and cultural events.