Working at Toros

At the foundation of Toros Agri's human resources policy lies the understanding that “Our employees are our most valuable assets” as in the entire subsidiaries of Tekfen Group. Just like Tekfen Group, Toros Agri also believes in the importance of human resources to reach the targets in a most rapid manner without compromising on quality and cost. The company aims to create a highly motivated, well trained and happy workforce that focuses on its goals, works with knowledge as a team, and constantly improves. It considers employees’ acting in integration under team spirit and in cooperation and effective communication and around common targets, as the most significant requirement of success.

Believing that its employees constitute its most valuable asset, Toros Agri has been implementing advanced human resources practices on its journey of investment in people. The company applies an effective human resources program to increase both the employees’ internal satisfaction and to ensure that the company benefits from the personnel at the utmost level. The following constitute the major targets and components of this program:
  • To increase our employees’ skills to develop suggestions, make decisions, take responsibility and make plans together to ensure that they contribute actively in company management;
  • To set realizable but competitive targets for our employees in the name of protecting the company’s dynamism and market leadership and to update our team’s common horizon constantly with new targets and developments;
  • To create mechanisms that shall trigger our employees creative power;
  • Identifying the talents the company needs, attracting the right candidates, effectively evaluating the candidates and managing the recruitment process;
  • To create channels where our workforce shall be able to share their thoughts, behaviors and feelings with the company management and facilitate integration of our employees internally and with the group by identifying common factors among these;
  • Creating an effective onboarding process when hiring new employees, ensuring that new employees quickly learn the company culture and business processes;
  • To invest in professional training and development programs towards increasing the knowledge and skills of our personnel;
  • To create an environment, which shall ensure togetherness of the employees with the company for many years by forming internal promotion mechanisms that shall allow them to climb career ladders;
  • To spread the company culture that considers every Toros employee a member of the family, from the highest to the lowest levels of management.