Toros Agri R&D Center is put into service

Toros Agri, the largest corporation of Turkey in the field of agricultural inputs, has put into service its R&D Center established in its Mersin Production Plant. Scientific studies aimed at meeting the demands and requirements of the sector will be conducted in this facility that is the first R&D center of Turkey established in the fields of plant nutrition.

Toros Agri has established an R&D Center within its Mersin Production Plant in order to diversify its product portfolio with new products in the field of plant nutrients, one of the most important inputs of sustainable agriculture, and to introduce Turkish agriculture with technological innovations. In this center, priority will be given to the development of new products that will contribute in the agricultural efficiency. In addition, studies for improvement of new products and development of production processes will also be conducted in the center.

Toros Agri, the largest corporation in the Turkish fertilizer industry in terms of production capacity and market share, is targeting to meet farmers’ needs for any kind of plant nutrition with its water-soluble specialty fertilizers and organomineral fertilizers as well as classical fertilizers. With the studies to be conducted at the R&D Center, it is aimed to enrich Toros’ product portfolio with new products.

Studies for development of specialty fertilizer types and local manufacturing of the products that are not currently produced in our country will also be conducted at the R&D Center. The issues such as the improvement of physical and chemical efficiency of the current products, increasing their resistance and waiting times, development of their production processes, optimization, energy saving in production and mitigation of environmental impacts are also considered among the goals of the new R&D Center with a team of 30 people currently employed.