Toros Tarım Export Champion

Toros Tarım became the chemical fertilizer export champion of 2017. Toros Tarım General Manager Hakan Göral took the award on behalf of Toros Tarım in the evening organized by Istanbul Chemicals Materials and Products Exporters Association.

In 2017, Toros Tarım being the major chemical fertilizer export organization in Turkey, received  “2017”s Fertilizer Exports 1st" prize. Hakan Göral, General Manager of Toros Tarım, who received the award on behalf of Toros Tarım in the night organized by the Istanbul Chemicals Materials and Products Exporters Association (İKMİB) representing more than 10 exporting companies in different sub-sectors of chemicals, said, "The highest export figure in the history of Toros Tarım is reached in the year of 2017. The award we received means a lot to us. "he said.

Toros Agriculture General Manager Hakan Göral, who made an assessment of the subject, said, "This award is meaningful in a few respects; after the first ban of nitrate fertilizer in 2016, where our one factory was only doing nitrate production, we would either have to shut down or shrink our factory if we were unable to do this export because of the low domestic demand in this scenario. Therefore, these export figures became very important success factors in terms of sustainability and uninterrupted operation of our factory in Mersin. Secondly, if we look from the perspective of our country, to have contributed to Turkey's foreign currency needs and to represent our country in the fertilizer sector has become a major source of pride for us, "he said.

Continuing service From Europe to Russia, Middle East to Africa

Toros Tarım General Manager Hakan Göral emphasized that they have exported to a very wide geographical area in 2017, "We supply products to Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Middle East, Israel, North and Middle East Africa. The secret of being able to provide services to a remote geographical area, especially Central and East Africa, is that Tekfen İnşaat, the other company under the Tekfen Holding, can also be a reference to us in our business and other business partners, as well as the quality of our products.”

Toros Tarım General Manager Hakan Göral while sharing his views for the year 2018 said, "The nitrate fertilizer ban which started in the second half of 2016 taught us that sustainable growth based on a single market is difficult and that we must definitely differentiate our markets and even our currency units. By learning this, we intend to allocate a certain amount of our production to the export markets in 2018, which is close to the figures of the year of 2017. Since 2017, our exports accounted for 15 percent of our total production.”

“Our priority is Turkish farmer”

Toros Tarım General Manager Hakan Göral, by emphasizing that the capacity utilization ratios are very high and sales are very close to the maximum production, stated as, “Here it comes to the meaning of prioritizing between the domestic market and the foreign market. Of course, our priority is the Turkish farmer and our own dealers. By using our capacity with maximum efficiency, we want to preserve our 2017 export rate.”

Fertilizer suitable for each region's needs

Toros Tarım  General Manager Hakan Göral, who reminded that they opened the first fertilizer AR-GE center which received Ministry of Industry and Technology certificate after a detailed evaluation at the end of 2017, gave the following expressions for their long term visions.: “Our vision is so wide that, our goal is to ensure that our AR-GE center serves the fertilizer that is most suitable for the soil and climate structure of the fertilizer area that the Turkish farmer needs and also creates a leverage effect for export. We aim to present this center primarily to Turkish agriculture and then to export markets.”