Toros’ specialty fertilizer move

Toros Agri has put into service its Specialty Fertilizer Production Plant in July 2018, with which it has started to invest in production under its own structure of the specialty fertilizers that are being used more and more for plant nutrition purposes. The most important property of specialty fertilizers is that they are completely soluble in water. Thus, specialty fertilizers that can be mixed into and applied with irrigation water are successfully used everywhere with drip or sprinkler systems.

The fact that the specialty fertilizers offering farmers a great ease of use and handling are also more rapidly activated in soil compared to other fertilizers allows this market to grow further day by day. Having outsourced specialty fertilizer products in the past, Toros Agri will, from now on, produce NPK-containing specialty fertilizers all by itself, thanks to the Specialty Fertilizer Production Plant established under the structure of its Mersin Plant.