Toros mobile teams are on the roads

Mobile technical marketing teams established under the structure of Toros Agri regional offices have started work. The teams that will stroll around Anatolia, village by village, with their technically-equipped buses and vehicles will conduct field studies oriented towards end users.

Having provided gratuitous support for farmers  in the fields like training and soil analysis since the very first day of its incorporation, Toros Agri is further strengthening its existence on the field by establishing travelling technical teams. The teams that are completely comprised of agricultural engineers will conduct technical marketing activities in order to increase the company’s market share in line with its objectives by visiting the regions under their responsibility with their technically-equipped bus and minivan-type vehicles. The teams that will conduct end user-oriented activities such as demonstrations, product promotions, exchange of publications and provision of fertilizing advices in relation to Toros Agri products will also collect current information/data by following the agricultural and commercial activities carried out in the localities that they visit.

Technical teams will also conduct activities oriented towards not only the farmers, but also the professional groups such as merchants engaged in the trading of agricultural products, flour plants and market hall brokers, in order to inform them of the issues like the impact of correct and balanced use of fertilizers on the product quality, etc. Another important function of such teams will be to collect, report, evaluate and follow up the positive or negative feedbacks collected from the field, in order to increase the dealer and end customer satisfaction.

The technical teams that will make their visits according to an annual plan will meet with farmers and inform them of the correct use of fertilizers and deal with their problems.  The teams that will also benefit from the technological capabilities like quick measurement kits and handheld monitors for the purpose of observations in the cultivation areas will take soil and leaf samples and send them for analysis purposes if and when necessary. Within the framework of all these activities, the widespread deployment and active use of Torosçiftçi (Toros farmer) application will also be encouraged.