Toros employees are safer now with the “Safety Academy”

The “Safety Academy” aiming to improve the competencies of Toros Tarım employees in the field of occupational safety and to turn the occupational safety into a corporate culture has been put into practice. With the “Safety Academy” that is the first in Turkey, it is targeted to set a good example not only for the other Group companies, but also for Turkish business world.

Toros Tarım has announced to all its employees the Safety Academy that it put into practice by breaking a new ground in Turkey through the events organized at its Mersin, Ceyhan, and Samsun facilities in the month of December. As an indicator of the importance attached by the senior management to the Safety Academy, Osman Birgili, the President of Tekfen Group of Companies and Hakan Göral the Vice President for Tekfen Agri-Industry Group also attended the launching events.

The Occupational Health and Safety issue is considered among the top priority objectives of the management on the basis of Tekfen Holding and Group companies. Toros Tarım had, to this effect, organized events with the theme of “Safety is not possible without You” in four different cities and published the “Set of Life Saving Rules” (12 Must-Have Rules) in order to increase the awareness of Toros employees about this issue last year.

With the Safety Academy that it has launched and put into practice, Toros Tarım intends to turn the Occupational Safety into a corporate culture supporting efficiency and production. The Safety Academy will make important contributions, helping to produce better and sustainable occupational safety outputs and to increase employees’ competencies in this field through employee engagement.