Toros Agri is celebrating The Occupational Health and Safety Week

Having adopted the goal of “Zero Accident” with the awareness that Occupational Health and Safety is not only a priority, but also a core value, Toros Agri is celebrating the Occupational Health and Safety Week together with all its employees.

It is the primary duty of every company to take measures against any possible work accidents and occupational diseases that may occur in workplaces and to fulfil the requirements to this effect. While we receive sad news of an accident, fire or explosion almost every day nowadays, hundreds of people are continuing to lose their life as a result of the risks assumed in many establishments due to the failure to attach necessary importance to Occupational Health and Safety, lack of adequate budget set aside to this effect or conflicting priorities.

Based upon the value attached firstly on our employees, and then on the society that we are a part of and on the environment that we make the most of and the respect that it has for human being, Toros Agri is stepping ahead on its journey of continuous improvement related with Occupational Health and Safety. As Toros Agri, we believe that any and all occupational accidents can be prevented through early identification of risks, taking of necessary actions and provision of trainings that can meet the needs of all employees.

Employee engagement is the most valuable element of all actions in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. As Toros Agri, we aim to maximize all employees’ personal awareness and engagement. Believing that our employees’ awareness should not be limited with their workplace only, and they must also be aware of this issue in their non-business life; we assume it as a responsibility and take concrete steps to further raise the awareness of safe life.