Toros Academy produced its first graduates

The School of Leadership commissioned by Toros Tarım in 2017 in order to improve the leadership skills of its first- and mid-level managers produced its first graduates. The related certificates were presented to the attendants during the ceremonies held in Istanbul, Ceyhan, Mersin and Samsun in November.

Believing that education is one of the most essential parts of the change and the human resources constitutes the primary element making difference in competition, Toros Tarım has been conducting its training and development programs that will make all the difference in its business processes and the personal development of its employees under the roof of Toros Academy. The School of Leadership that is the first product of Toros Academy aiming to turn development into a corporate culture has completed its activities that it has been maintaining since 2017 and produced its first graduates. 120 managers attending the School of Leadership in the first stage have successfully completed the program and received their certificates in November.

Aiming to create a common leadership culture in line with the Company’s vision for 2021 and to support qualified human resources, the School of Leadership was launched with the cooperation of Bilgi University. The trainings oriented towards first- and mid-level managers, which were started in August 2017, comprised 5 modules and a special 9-day program designed with a curriculum logic and in line with the competencies of Toros Tarım. In addition, the managers attending the program presented their projects that they designed in order to develop their business activities to the jury comprising the senior management and the academicians from Bilgi University. In the final stage, out of 10 projects found eligible for final evaluation after submission to the Assistant General Managers and the General Manager Hakan Göral, 6 projects were approved for implementation. Thus, the managers have put their signatures under a practice setting a good example for internal entrepreneurship as well.