Tekfen Holding is expanding its activities in agricultural sector

Tekfen Group is buying 90 percent of Alanar Meyve which is one of Turkey's largest and quality fruit producers and its sister company Alara Fidan with 50 million TL purchase price. Murat Gigin, Chairman of the Board, quoted "We have been leading the field of agricultural inputs for years with Toros Tarım brand. In the framework of our strategy of expanding the Holding's agricultural activities, now we are working to become a leading brand in the field of agricultural production.’’ Tekfen Holding will invest 160 million TL in Alanar Meyve and Alara Fidan between 2018-2020.

Tekfen Group, a leader and pioneer in every field that it has been operating since its inception, makes its first purchase of the year 2018 in the agricultural sector. The contract has been signed to purchase 90 percent of Alanar Meyve which is Turkey's largest manufacturer and exporter of fruits and its sister company Alara Fidan with a cost of 49.6 million TL by Tekfen Holding group companies, Tekfen Agricultural Research Production and Marketing Incorporation. The share transfer will take place following the approval of the Competition Board. The founders of both companies and among veterans of the fruit industry in Turkey, Yavuz Taner will remain a shareholder with the remaining 10 percent and will continue to transfer his knowledge and experience to the Turkish agriculture sector under the Tekfen roof.

Tekfen will continue to grow in agriculture

After buying, Tekfen will invest a total of approximately 160 million liras for the establishment of new plants, garden and machinery for both the firms between 2018-2020. Tekfen Group, which has been the sector leader in the field of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds and seedlings for 40 years under the Toros Tarım brand, has also revealed its claim and vision in the field of agricultural production with this acquisition.

Mr. Murat Gigin, Chairman of the Tekfen Holding Board of Trustees, stated that they had been following the work of both companies for a long time and added that, "As an institution that meets basic inputs such as plant nutrients, seeds and seedlings that the Turkish farmer needs for the right agricultural production, we will also show our presence in the field of agricultural production. I believe that bringing more productivity with the power of agricultural production, corporate discipline and finance, which will gain more importance than ever in the world in the future, is an important responsibility for Tekfen which is beyond a purely commercial goal. "

The gardens will go up to 3 levels; the target is to do more export

Murat Gigin also mentioned that 90 percent of the crops are based on exports originating from Alanar, and that Toros Tarım is producing cherry seedlings in the Agripark tissue culture laboratories in Adana and that their acquaintances are based on years. Gigin continued like this:

"80 percent of our exports are in Europe especially Germany and England where we have brought these companies in the field of fruit making. Alanar which is in the markets where it has been operating for many years, knowing for its importance of quality of products and timely delivery, aims to become a big player in China and the Far East as it is in Europe. China, which imports 500 million dollars of cherries annually, imports only from companies and facilities which are allowed by T. C. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry. Alanar Meyve, which is one of the 9 companies with this permission, also owns 2 of the 13 foundries which have the permission of importation. With the iron Silk Road starting from Xi'an city of China lowering transportation costs, we aim to make these markets half of the total exports of Alanar Meyve. We also aim to develop trade relations with producers in markets such as South America, India, Uzbekistan, South Africa and Peru in order to eliminate seasonal constraints on product procurement and thus spread sales throughout the year."

After the purchase, 6 thousand decares of gardens in the size of 3600 decares will be added and in 2028 the total price will be worked to reach 800 million TL. Gigin stated that the production capacity of 3 thousand tons in 2017 is expected to reach 15 thousand tons in 2028 and that they aim to export 35 thousand tons with 20 thousand tons to be supplied from the producers.

It will be a great joint venture for Turkey

Known as a veteran with 40 years of experience in the sector and being the founder of both the companies, Yavuz Taner, in a statement regarding the sales, emphasized the great potential of Turkey's exports of fruit in the new era. Under the Tekfen roof, Taner reminds that he will continue to share sector experiences by saying, "we have witnessed significant growth in Turkey's fruit production in the last 10 years. As a result of R & D studies carried out by Alanar, we have found the right product out of 65 kinds of cherries that would last 30-35 days and also get 10 days shelf life. In recent years, we want to continue our rapid development in the Far East market, especially in Hong Kong, with direct exports to China. In particular, with the introduction of fully operational Iron Silk Road, China and the Far East market will become one of the most important markets for Turkey. This potential motivated us to increase investments. We believed that we would make this breakthrough under the roof of Tekfen Group in the most correct way. After purchasing it, the winner will be the Turkey’s agriculture."

About Alanar Meyve and Alara Fidan

Alanar Meyve is active in the field of fruit production and trade. While producing about 30 per cent of the fruits, it sells, in their own gardens; it supplies 70 per cent of the fruits from the producers. Its main products are cherry, fig, pomegranate and apricot; apple, plum, chestnut, peach and nectar are also in the product range. As a result of the new investments after the purchase, it is expected that the sales volume of fruit, which is around 10 thousand tons per year, will reach 35 thousand tons per year within 10 years.

Alara Fidan, in addition to growing and trading seedlings is also doing fruit production and trade. Alara Fidan, in addition to domestic and international sales, also grows the seedlings to be used in the gardens of Alanar Meyve. In year 2017, about 80 percent of the company's exports were made to Europe, primarily to Germany and the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that Far East countries have a share of 10% in exports, it is aimed to increase this share to 50% in exports in the coming years through logistics solutions such as air cargo.