TAYSEB will be operated by Toros until 2030

With the agreement concluded between Toros Agri (Toros Tarım) and the Ministry of Trade, the operation period of Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone that will expire in 2020 has been extended until 2030. The free zone is expected to become an important industry and export center in the fields of chemical and petrochemical industries in the upcoming years.

The agreement of Toros Agri that undertook the establishment and operation of Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone (TAYSEB) within the framework of the Build-Operate-Transfer model in 1990 has been extended by the Ministry of Trade until 2030. In addition to the investments requested by the ministry, any other additional investments and requirements that may arise in relation to the development of the zone will also be made and realized by Tekfen Group within this period.

The investment planned in order to reduce the energy costs of free zone users constitutes the most important one of such commitments. The works for construction of a 154 kV switching substation in order to improve the competitive strength of locally-operating investor companies in the external markets and to provide lower-cost electricity are ongoing. In addition, there are initiatives commenced for bringing natural gas to the free zone.

Project design and planning activities related with the administrative and service buildings, dining hall, infirmary, fire house and modern automation system investments have been started, considering also the requirements that may arise in future, in order to allow TAYSEB to attain a more modern structure. The maintenance and repair of the existing infrastructure, the landscaping works, an the new road and infrastructure construction works will also be carried out according to the investment schedule submitted to the Ministry of Trade.

TAYSEB is becoming a shining star

One of the largest free zones of both Turkey and the world encompassing an area of 4 million and 600 thousand square meters, TAYSEB extends along a 5-km coastline at İskenderun Gulf. Thanks to the new investment plans oriented towards its region that it is located in, TAYSEB is expected to become an industry and export center mainly focused on chemicals and petrochemicals industries, making an impression also on a global scale in the next five years. 

Currently, there are many businesses and enterprises operating in the zone and engaged particularly in the chemical industry and in cement, construction materials, shipyard, iron & steel, food and feed industries. Having recorded a trading volume of 814 million US dollars in 2017, TAYSEB has reached 624 million US dollars in the first six months of 2018. Its trade volume is expected to exceed 1,2 billion US dollars by the end of 2018.