TAYSEB Gets Under the Management of Free Zones Founders and Operators Association

Free zone founders and operators, who hold a significant position in Turkey's economy and exports, joined forces by establishing an association. Yusuf Dinçsoy, the Operations Manager at Toros Adana Yumurtalık Serbest Bölgesi Kurucu ve İşleticisi A.Ş. (TAYSEB), one of the founders of the Free Zones Founders and Operators Association (SEBKIDER), also took part in the inaugural Board of Directors of the association. The association represents 19 free zones in Turkey.

 Free zones, which export more than 11 billion dollars a year and employ 91 thousand people in total, joined forces under the umbrella of the Free Zones Founders and Operators Association (SEBKİDER) to attract more direct investments to Turkey. Yusuf Kılınç, General Manager at Ege Serbest Bölge Kurucu ve İşleticisi A.Ş. (ESBAŞ), was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the inaugural General Assembly Meeting of SEBKİDER, where 19 free zones in Turkey are represented, on April 14, while Toros Adana Yumurtalık Serbest Bölgesi Kurucu ve İşleticisi A.Ş. (TAYSEB) General Manager Yusuf Dinçsoy participated in the Board of Directors as a member.

Yusuf Dinçsoy stated that they, as TAYSEB, are happy to be among the founders of an umbrella organization such as SEBKİDER, which has been missing in the sector for a long time, and to participate in its management. Reminding that TAYSEB is the first free zone established in Turkey for industrial establishments, Dinçsoy said that TAYSEB has a significant growth potential with its convenient location in Iskenderun Bay and an area of 4.6 million square meters, and that infrastructure and superstructure investments that have been put into use in recent years gave a significant boost to the region. Yusuf Dinçsoy added that TAYSEB, whose trade volume is increasing every year, will continue to represent the sector successfully by further strengthening its position.

Aydın Erdemir: “SEBKİDER will enable free zones to contribute more to the Turkish economy.”

Aydın Erdemir, Deputy General Manager of Toros Tarım Terminal Marketing and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of TAYSEB, also stated that free zones have a significant role in the Turkish economy and that he believes the establishment of SEBKİDER will contribute to the development of this role. Erdemir stated that SEBKİDER, which was established by 19 free zone operators in Turkey, will increase the efficiency of free zones in terms of export, employment, and production and will attract more direct investors to Turkey. Erdemir continued his words as follows:

“As of 2022, the 19 free zones in Turkey generated a trade volume of 32 billion dollars, with 11 billion of this amount coming from export revenues. Additionally, these free zones provide employment to a total of 91 thousand people. I believe that free zone operators will contribute more to the Turkish economy in terms of employment, production, and exports by combining their forces and acting in line with common goals. As TAYSEB, we will do our part to reach this goal by actively participating in the management and activities of the association.”