Our new registered type of wheat seed “Toros 1003” is now available at the points of sales

Toros 1003, our first type of wheat seed registered under the bread wheat breeding program that we as Toros Agri started in 2010 is now offered to you at the points of sale.

The prominent property of Toros 1003 breeding in summer by nature is that it is an early-breeding seed with quite high quality values for bread making. Displaying a very early earing, this type of seeds is preferred in the first place due to its early breeding nature among the summer-breeding bread wheat types, particularly in the areas where second products are cultivated after harvesting the wheat.

Our Toros 1003 type derives maximum benefits from solar rays due to its leaf buds opening out vertically and displays a very suitable structure for dense plantation. This drought-resistant species with a plant height of 85-95 cm also has a high resistance against wheat diseases and lodging.

This seed type with a quite high yield potential is placed on the market for sale for the first time this season after undergoing breeding, improvement, trials, registration and multiplication stages. Our goal is to introduce this seed type Toros 1003 with the manufacturers in all summer regions of our country and to allow it to get its well-deserved place among the summer-breeding bread wheat species.