Happy World Fertilizer day!

Fertilizer, one of the most important discoveries of humanity, saves billions of people from starvation and guarantees food safety for the future.

109 years ago, German chemist Fritz Haber set the foundation for the fertilizer industry by obtaining  ammonia from hydrogen and atmospheric nitrogen. The method developed by German chemist has ensured that ammonia, which is the primary material in all fertilizer with nitrogen, to be abundant and easily accessible. Thus, by paving the way for the production of nitrogen-based fertilizers on an industrial scale, he saved billions of people from starvation.

October 13 is the anniversary of Fritz Haber's discovery and it is celebrated as the World Fertilizer Day since 2016. Fertilizer, which is of vital importance for the existence of humanity, is the most important part of food safety chain. The fertilizer, which contributes to 50 % of global food production with the increase in productivity, also enables 2 out of every 5 people on earth to survive.

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